Sunday, July 11, 2010

Child's Birthday Card

After a wonderful camping trip with my family to Yosemite National Park I am back home, trying to manage mountains of laundry and get back to crafting too! Today we made a card for my daughter's friends birthday party. My daughter and I talked about what she wanted and then I put it together using the Gypsy. If you own a Cricut you really must have either the Gypsy or Design Studio - they give you so many more options and take designs to another level! In the wee hours of the night after putting it together on the Gypsy I just HAD to cut it out and see how it looked. Then, I couldn't wait to see it put together - so I did it and decided I would cut it out again in the morning for my daughter to put together on her own for her friend. Too cute! What a fun card! I used the Create A Critter cartridge for the dog and Just Because Cards for the wagon. I welded the two together and made a folding card in that shape. The card stands about 5 inches tall. On my card you'll see that the dog's helmet has the number '1' just as it appears on the cartridge. Well, when I cut it out for my daughter's friend I changed the number (using the Gypsy) to the birthday boy's age. Great to be able to do that now since they've given us a hide contour option on the Gypsy-I just used that feature and then welded in the number I wanted from a font cartridge!

Hope you enjoyed my card! Have a great day.

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