Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wrap Up Your Gift Card

Making a gift card holder is a simple project that adds a nice touch to giving a gift card this Christmas season or anytime.  I used a Cricut Explore on this project but you can probably find a template online that can be cut out with scissors.  Use a double-sided decorative card stock so the inside will have a design too.
I selected a basic gift card holder design in Cricut Design Space and cut it out with the Cricut Explore.  I had to guess at the dimensions - and it ended up being a good guess -
  W 5.64" and H 4.28"
Here it is!
Turn it over and use a bone folder to score along the flaps to be folded.
This is how it looks after scoring.
Use a strong adhesive along the side, folded over flap on each side.  Do not start at the very top.  Check to see where to start by folding up the bottom flap.  I like to use Glue Dots Stitch Glue Squares as they are very small, hold very well, and are easy to apply.  If you overlap this adhesive at all, just take your finger and push it away from the edge.  The Glue Dot squares/dots will easily move unlike many other adhesives that once applied at all incorrectly sometimes will ruin a project.  
Now that the gift card is in, time for a few finishing touches.
I chose to put a tag on the gift card holder - I actually moved it to the other side and put a pretty tule ribbon around it as you can see from the first photograph.
Have a wonderful Christmas week and be sure to make some time to make some gift card holders!  Craft on!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Make a Planner Pocket Page

Making a pocket page for your planner is very easy!  And for those of you like me who have lots of scrapbook card stock, you have a lot of choices of colors and patterns.  For a classic size Happy Planner, start with a 12" x 12" piece of card stock.  I used a single-sided piece of card stock.  My final pocket page has gold dots - sorry, I forgot to take photos of the beginning of the process so I used a similar piece of card stock to show you how to fold it.
Start by folding up approx 4-5 inches along the entire sheet.  This will be your pocket.  
 Then fold the sheet like a book with the "pocket" area to the outside.
Use a strong adhesive like Glue Dots stitch glue squares to adhere the edges of the pocket closed on each side.  You need a strong adhesive since you will be putting items in your pocket on both sides and you don't want it coming apart!
Then use the Glue Dots stitch glue squares to adhere the ends of the pocket page.
I decorated the edge of the pocket on my page with washi tape.  If you use 2-sided color or patterned card stock your pocket page will already have a decorative flair.  Mine had a white back so it needed some decoration.
Add a few washi tapes!
Next, I punched the newly adhered edge of the pocket page with a strong punch so it would fit into the Happy Planner.
Such a cute pocket page to put in my planner!
Make your own pocket page today.  Craft on!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Make Your Own Planner or Scrapbook Dashboard

Make your very own custom planner or scrapbook dashboard!  Choose your favorite card stock or colors that go with your scrapbook or planner layout.  I then used the free Design Space software for the Cricut Explore to put together my design.
Insert a square shape and then manipulate it into a rectangle.  Add text, copy, and weld and it's ready to be cut.  Very simple and quick!
I chose a very smooth glitter card stock by DCWV - cuts like butter.  This picture shows the machine cutting the top layer of the dashboard.
Now that the base layer and top layers are cut, the top layers can now be glued.
Assembled and ready to be punched so it will fit into my planner.
I used The Happy Planner punch by Me and My Big Ideas as this dashboard will be used in the classic size Happy Planner.  As long as you don't have anything too thick, this will work.

The variety of dashboards you can create is endless.  Make them for a holiday or just for everyday.  And because you make them custom, they can be sized any way that works for you.  A few of the dashboards in the photo above are for use in my Happy Planner Mini planner.  Enjoy making your own dashboards - craft on!!