Monday, December 5, 2016

Make a Planner Pocket Page

Making a pocket page for your planner is very easy!  And for those of you like me who have lots of scrapbook card stock, you have a lot of choices of colors and patterns.  For a classic size Happy Planner, start with a 12" x 12" piece of card stock.  I used a single-sided piece of card stock.  My final pocket page has gold dots - sorry, I forgot to take photos of the beginning of the process so I used a similar piece of card stock to show you how to fold it.
Start by folding up approx 4-5 inches along the entire sheet.  This will be your pocket.  
 Then fold the sheet like a book with the "pocket" area to the outside.
Use a strong adhesive like Glue Dots stitch glue squares to adhere the edges of the pocket closed on each side.  You need a strong adhesive since you will be putting items in your pocket on both sides and you don't want it coming apart!
Then use the Glue Dots stitch glue squares to adhere the ends of the pocket page.
I decorated the edge of the pocket on my page with washi tape.  If you use 2-sided color or patterned card stock your pocket page will already have a decorative flair.  Mine had a white back so it needed some decoration.
Add a few washi tapes!
Next, I punched the newly adhered edge of the pocket page with a strong punch so it would fit into the Happy Planner.
Such a cute pocket page to put in my planner!
Make your own pocket page today.  Craft on!

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