Thursday, January 19, 2017

'Hello There' Card

Here's the finished card!  If you'd like to see the steps, read on!

 This Authentique card stock is super cute.  Actually it's Fabulous - and that's the name of this 6x6 pad!  Deciding which ones to use is the hard part since they are all favorites of mine.  I took a few pages out and then I got started with deciding on card design.

I choose a card sketch from Pinterest.  Then I uploaded the sketch into Cricut Design Space.  After changing the size of the sketch to the size of the card I wanted, I inserted shapes so I could use the sketch as a template.  Here's how it looked.
             Just drag the shapes over to the template and make them the appropriate sizes.

After all the shapes were complete, I changed the colors of each piece so each would cut out on a different mat.  I also deleted the template.

After cutting everything out, assemble the card according to the sketch - changing it however you'd like.

Check out Authentique card stock if you can.  They have beautiful designs!

Thanks for stopping by.  Craft on!

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