Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Chameleon Pen Colored Mandala

Wanted to share today this mandala colored with 2 Chameleon pens!  Yes, I said only 2 alcohol marker/pens were needed to get the effect you see!  If I had used another brand of alcohol marker, I would have had to use about 6 pens to get the same look/effect.  You heard that right - 6.  

The two Chameleon Pens I used are: BG3 Turquoise and BL6 Royal Blue.  Because of the way these markers can be fused with a colorless blender solution on each pen, blending and gradation is seamless and smooth.  And beautiful!

Currently I only own about 6 pens but I have really been enjoying using them and seeing what they are capable of.  Check out this link to learn more!

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